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Welcome to My New Algorithm Series, “Rise To the Equation”

Some functions are so useful that we use them repeatedly across many projects. Instead of rewriting everything over and over again, some saintly engineers have abstracted the process into blocks of code that we can use as-is or slightly modified to fit our needs. These blocks are called “algorithms” and they are all over the internet from sorting a list of items by date to counting the number of characters in your Twitter post.

Algorithms are specific to the data structure that they are being performed on. In Javascript, you use different algorithms on strings vs integers and objects vs arrays. Using the incorrect set of logic for your data type will produce incorrect results and can wreak havoc on your database.

My series is called Rise To The Equation because who doesn’t simultaneously love and hate puns? I will focus on the types of common questions engineers and developers are asked in technical interviews and why having a solid grasp of algorithms and when to use them takes an immense amount of pressure off your shoulders. Often, one or multiple sets of logic are needed to solve them and we will take a deep dive into those here.

My posts will be semi-regular, depending on when I find something particularly interesting. Hopefully, these entries can help others be less nervous about solving these types of problems!

I hope you enjoy this series as much as I enjoy making it.

Now… let’s go!


I will be pulling my practice materials from this Udemy course, which I’ve found extremely helpful. I highly recommend it if you are looking to further your knowledge of these types of coding puzzles.