Cool APIs for Your Next Project or Just a Good Laugh

Github is an endless directory of developer projects. Awhile ago, someone mentioned a repository called Public APIs. I peruse it whenever I need some project inspiration. It’s the best resource of its type and I cannot recommend it enough!

Here are some cool APIs to get your wheels turning.

TacoFancy API

Crowdsource recipes for tacos, including mixins, base layers (proteins), seasonings, and shells. Also links to a full repo of items that are like tacos, but actually aren’t.

A collection of random Kanye West quotes generated one-by-one.


The best description comes directly from the website.

Placeholder services are cool. Goats are cool (Especially those yelling ones). placeGoat combines those two things.

Cat Facts

Send your friends a cat fact every day via text. For extra skullduggery, import your entire Google Contacts list.

What’s On the Menu

New York Public Library has an extensive database of historic menus. Search by dish or for images of the menu itself to see what weird stuff used to be popular and revisit classic dishes that don’t get enough love.

Random User Generator

If your app has users, this API will generate profile test data including postal address, age, email, gender, and more.


Requires an API Key but has tons of images, geophysical data, and more. There are countless APIs to choose from.


For any online merchant in need of a shipping solution. Provides address validation, time in transit, trade data, and tons more.